Google Penalty Recovery

Has your website traffic dropped? Do you not rank as well as you used to? Let the organization named SEO Agency of the Year evaluate your website and provide strategic recommendations on how to recover!

Panda Recovery

The Panda algorithm update is the most common Google penalty, and it gauges the overall content quality of your entire website. It specifically aims to lower the rank of low quality or thin websites. If you find that your entire website is not ranking as well as it used to, Panda could be the reason. Let our team of experts determine if your website has been affected and if so, the steps needed to take for a full recovery.

Penguin Recovery

Google’s Penguin algorithm exists to weed out those websites that have engaged in aggressive, unnatural link-building campaigns in the past — such as by paying for links, or using SEO tools to automate the link-building process. Trust the experienced SEO team at HigherVisibility to help you recover from it and have the fastest, best results for your search rankings.